Residents must be home by 10:00 PM from Mondays to Thursdays.

Fridays and Saturdays the curfew is 12:00 AM

Sundays is 08:00 PM

Extensions are available within reason if prior written notice has been given to staff for consideration. No extensions will be given within the first month of stay.

Weekends out

Within the first month of stay at the Trust in Hope, residents are not permitted to sleep out.

Nights away are earned through clean time. In your second months you’ll be given one night, in your third month two nights and in your fourth month 3 nights and so on.

Sleep out forms must be completed and handed to staff before at the weekly house meeting for consideration and validation. Special holiday sleep outs and sleep outs for special occasion are provided at the staff’s discretion.   

Drug Testing

Drugs testing and breathalyzer

Residents will be subjected to random spot testing and breathalyzers throughout their stay. We will also test residents on return from weekends out, sleep outs or based on changes in behaviour. Tests will be at the residents cost.


Although we provide cleaning staff, all residents are expected to clean up after themselves. All residents must wash their own clothes and dishes, make their own beds and keep their living areas tidy. Spot checks will be conducted by staff.


No resident may have visitors over that do not have at least 30 days clean and sober. All visitors must first report to a staff member. Visitors may not bring drugs or alcohol onto the premises nor be under the influence of any substance. No inappropriate behaviours will be permitted by visitors, visitors may not have sex on the property and no visitors are allowed into a resident’s room for any reason. Visitors may stay on the premises no later than one hour after the designated curfew times.

House meetings

A weekly house meeting is held every Wednesday and is mandatory. No exceptions will be made. All residents must attend the meeting.

Night Clubs

No residents will be permitted to go to night clubs until they have 1 consecutive year clean or sober. Even then it is recommended that you go with a groups of recovering addicts and not alone.

Energy Drinks

No resident may bring on the premises any energy drink containing taurine, guarana or any other stimulants. Residents are also not allowed to consume these energy drinks during their stay with us.

Tattoos and body piercings

No resident is allowed to obtain any new tattoos or body piercings until they have 1 consecutive year clean or sober.

Rent and Stay

It is recommended that a resident stays for at least 6 months in the halfway house to get the full benefit of learning this new way of life. Rent is due on the first day of every calendar month. Should a resident leave or be expelled, that month’s rent is not refundable.

Admission prior to the first of the month will be charged at a daily pro-rata rate.

Non negotiables

  • No drugs or alcohol may be used by any resident.
  • No drugs or alcohol may be brought onto the premises.
  • No sexual or romantic relationships may develop between residents or staff. No sexual or romantic relationships may develop between residents and any other fellow 12 step program members.
  • Violence towards oneself or other is prohibited.
  • Intentional damage to property is prohibited.
  • No resident may have a friend or family member or partner sleep over.
  • Dishonesty is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking in the house is prohibited.